There’s no such thing like good music production, without your own instrument and years of playing practice. Everything is personal and very intimate. Nothing that can ever being repeated or duplicated, not even in digital, not even by yourself. Everything is unique, like the performance of an artist with his voice, or his musical instrument. Our instrument is made by Neumann. Acme of German analog sound quality of the first generation. Sound culture at its best. All this being possible, because of more than 25 years of experience in music production.

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Uwe Sabirowsky

Am Springborn 1
Gebäude 11
51063 Cologne

+49 221 98 65 44 48

GPS@ N50°58.57218' E7°1.19862'

VAT# DE196467791


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Coming from Hamburg/Germany Uwe is Tonmeister and studied in German Conservatory and University piano and electronics. He worked for endless of productions as a producer and sound engineer, also supporting German broadcast productions. He also worked succesfully for productions of the Grammy Award Winner the WDR Big Band and the WDR Symphony Orchestra. He is also winner of the well known Echo Classics Award. Band productions with all it’s facets belong to his speciality. He runs the place MINIROCK MUSIC now successfully for more than 15 years.


online services

We offer special service for mixing and mastering.

If you are interested in analog sound quality and our production experience, you can get your audio files processed across our Neumann console.

So please get in touch with us, in order fine tune your wishes and expectations, and to check on the further steps for a good production.

Special online service for vintage mastering is available at Online Vinyl Mastering.

We are officially certified by Apple for “Mastered for iTunes”.